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Residential development

Zesta Planning, on behalf of Bixby Homes Ltd, recently secured full planning consent for the development of 7 infill dwellings, including 4 market and 3 affordable dwellings on land within the existing built-up developed frontage along the Tewkesbury Road (A38) at Norton. Zesta worked closely with Thomas Dean Architects and Rappor to promote a good quality design scheme, in keeping with the rural surroundings and aesthetic.

The development proposal was compliant with the infilling policy provisions of the adopted development plan, as well as resulting in no demonstrable harm to the character and appearance of the surrounding area. The tilted balance in favour of development was engaged in this case, given the Council’s significant housing supply shortfall. However, the proposal was refused and went to appeal with concerns over whether the proposal is in a suitable location for housing relative to the settlement strategy for the area; the effect on the character and appearance of the area; and whether planning obligations relating to affordable housing and sustainable transport are necessary and any benefits therein.

Conversely, the Inspector concluded that there were no adverse impacts identified and the benefits associated with the delivery of additional housing outweighed any effects. The scheme delivers high quality affordable housing, provides highways improvements and contributes to meeting the Council’s housing need.

Project Details

Client: Bixby Homes Ltd

  • Infill dwellings
  • The tilted balance
  • Development within a village
  • Appeal Success
  • High quality homes

Images by Thomas Dean Architects

We are delighted to have an appeal allowed for seven new dwellings in this location which will meet the needs of those requiring good quality, affordable homes. 

Oliver Rider, Director

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