Permitted Development, Additional Storey

Permitted Development

We have recently worked on a Class AA permitted development application submitted to Tewkesbury Borough Council to allow for a new first-floor extension to a single storey dwelling within Teddington. There were several changes to the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) in August 2020; one of these changes introduced Class AA allowing the addition of storeys to dwellings. Subject to the limitations and the requirement for prior approval, the amendments allow for up to two additional storeys.

The existing building was a bungalow dating from 1964 and is located within the special landscape area. The prior approval submitted to the Council was for a first-floor extension to accommodate one further storey on the dwelling. The proposed development is compliant with the legislation of Class AA development and the associated conditions. The only remaining consideration of the Council relates to the design of the proposed dwelling itself; the design submitted was representative of the surrounding built residential dwellings, using the same materials, thus appearing as a natural evolution of the site.

Class AA allows for an alternative option of a planning application to gain further storeys to residential properties which benefit from permitted development rights rather than a householder or full planning application. The Class AA prior approval will require compliance with the outlined legislation; however, it does provide more flexibility to boost existing development and a can be a great way to secure the principle of an additional storey.

The drawings below show the existing and proposed, drawings prepared by Turley Young Partnership.




Project Details

  • Householder Extension
  • Permitted Development
  • Class AA
  • Planning Strategy
  • Additional Storey

Class AA provides a real opportunity to add additional space to your property or building in a more streamlined process than a full planning application. 

Oliver Rider, Director