Zesta were instructed by Gloucestershire Airport Ltd to assist in the hybrid planning application for outline permission for mixed use employment development, new access and associated infrastructure on 5.9ha of land. Although the neighbouring Business Parks are designated as ‘Major Employment Sites’, the application site was within the Green Belt where development is far more constrained. Early engagement with the Local Planning Authority was a big part of our overall strategy. Zesta worked closely with Gloucestershire Airport and Rappor, AHR Architects, Hydrock, Vitruvius to secure their long-term vision of the site. The application was considered appropriate for development in the Green Belt due to the strategic importance of the airport and the ‘Very Special Circumstances’ of the case. Due to the site’s location within the Green Belt, once determined by the Council, the application was submitted to the Secretary of State who has the power to take over (‘call in’) planning applications for major development in the Green Belt rather than letting the local authority decide. However, for this development the Secretary of State decided not to intervene.

The Council supported the application to support the county’s ambitions for economic growth during the recovery from Covid-19 as well as secure future viability of the airport. The proposals have received support from GFirst LEP, which has confirmed it will provide £1.885 Million in ‘Growth Deal’ funding to support the infrastructure required to deliver the new development. The scheme has also generated £46 million private sector investment and boosted economic activity reflected in GVA estimates of £45 million per year, with the potential to deliver around 1,520 new employment opportunities.

Project Details

  • Redevelopment
  • Strategic Site
  • Public engagement
  • Planning Strategy
  • Green Belt
  • Economic Development 
  • Very Special Circumstances

Fantastic result for the team and a real boost to the economy in the area!

Oliver Rider, Director

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